GSoul unveils his latest track, 'Window Pane (Pretty Lil Thing)', to make those lustful nights last forever.

K-Pop sensation GSoul “AKA Golden” has released his latest single in his artillery ‘Window Pane (Pretty Lil Thing)’, a tune embodying that feeling you get from spending a night which seems to last forever with someone you love. Exploring ideas of lust and longing, while touching on moments of pain and ache, the song encapsulates a range of emotions sure to pull on the heartstrings.


GSoul’s falsetto tone allows him to touch the listeners emotionally and dive deep into the song with passion and a unique approach to the music. He does this effortlessly by changing perspectives through the song shown by the lyrics, “Come see the world from my window pane / come see the world from my view for a change?” refracting the purpose of the lyrics off of the single’s true intentions, to make a moment last forever.


Currently making his way across the states on a North American tour, G Soul is gaining fans by the day. His music captures the hearts of the world and with his latest track ‘Window Pane (Pretty Lil Thing)’, we should expect nothing less than the same.


‘Window Pane (Pretty Lil Thing)’, possesses the ability to allow the audience to put themselves in the shoes of GSoul himself, giving them the chance to imagine a night with someone, from sunset to sunrise, with the track on repeat. The song’s harmonies and smooth R&B tendencies make the single a pre-destined classic for years to come.

Listen to 'Window Pane (Pretty Lil Thing)' now: