Denzel Wilson returns with a romantic and nostalgic soul / R&B number, "Wine & Dine", from his upcoming 'SILHOUETTE' EP.

Taken from his soon to be released ‘SILHOUETTE’ EP, Denzel Wilson’s new song “Wine & Dine” is all about bringing that romantic nostalgia back. “Romancing doesn’t feel as magical as it did back in the day”, he said. Singing on the chorus, Denzel laments: “Back in the days you’d find a real one / Back in the days you’d really feel love”.


The title for the EP, ‘SILHOUETTE’, represents the woman that Denzel one day hopes to be with, but he’s yet to find her.

“On our journey through life, we grow individually but then, there comes a point where we
find our significant other that we truly connect with and can grow in ways we could never
just by ourselves. Intimacy is about serving each other in growth and love. It’s about
growing more than you could by yourself through mutual gifting, and this is a concise
explanation of the dynamic I seek to have with my (Silhouette).”


My EP “Silhouette” is a compilation of different experiences and escapades I had with
different women in pursuit to find my right one for me”, Denzel explains. “I expressed my feelings of lust, temptation, romance, and passion throughout the project. In the end, I still didn’t find the right woman. So the silhouette remains a silhouette. I learned it’s not about seeking the right one, it’s about being the right one… You just have to be attentive, and eventually, you’ll find your (Silhouette)”.

Listen to "Wine & Dine" below:

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