UK duo RxL World have returned with their warming brand new single "Winter Time".

Having been on the scene since 2019, RxL World are ready to take their success to the next level with the release of “Winter Time”.


Consisting of Reece and Lorenzo, two Londoners whose names make up the act’s name, RxL World is a proudly personal act. Reece and Lorenzo were originally members of a four-piece band called Margin Kings, and continued working together after the band’s parting in 2019. They aim to incorporate their Ghanian (Reece) and Angolan (Lorenzo) heritage into their music alongside other cultures, creating a unique blend of rap and RnB.


“Winter Time” exemplifies the relatable themes explored by these two self-declared “average Joes from ends”. Speaking on the song, the duo stated

“Winter Time’ is about escaping the dark and cold of the winter time and going somewhere hot with your bae. There is never a better time to go on a sunshine holiday than the winter time. We came across the beat whilst we were in the studio finishing off another song and we really liked it. On the way home whilst the beat was playing, Reece wrote a banging verse and Lorenzo came up with the hook but didn’t think it would be right for him to sing it, so we drafted in the help of our friend Selz, who was able to bring the magic and bring the chorus to life.”

Listen below