Indie-rock singer-songwriter and musician Halo Kitsch shares her new debut EP ‘with You (in mind)’, produced by Ben Zelico.

Halo Kitsch is a rising indie-rock artist stomping from the outskirts of Los Angeles and has just recently shared her brand-new debut EP, ‘with You (in mind)’. A collection of six emotive releases with raw lyrics, this new project is produced by Ben Zelica, and is a transparent diary of tough conversations. From documenting the loss of her best friend, to suffering from depression, and overcoming addiction, throughout ‘with You (in mind)’ Halo wears her heart on her sleeve.


Dropping out of college in her final year, Halo took on multiple jobs to save up for recording sessions at a good studio. Since upgrading from songwriting in her bedroom, Halo’s career has come a long way and has seen her headline sold-out shows for We Found New Music and Make Out Music.


Speaking about her new EP Halo says: “This project took on something more important after Jill died, and honouring her was the only thing that kept me sober through the pain of missing her. I think it’s a statement on stigma and society. It puts a face on the tragedy of Jill’s death, but only to honour her. From top to bottom, it tells her story, and mine, and the story of anyone struggling with substance abuse. But it brings up addiction without glorifying drugs – and that is a perspective our society desperately needs to hear”.

Stream 'with You (in mind)' in full below: