Canadian solo-artist Falling Together drop their debut EP with the leading song 'Without You,' a vulnerability of losing someone so dear.

Hailing from Canada, Falling Together namely, Raymond Young releases his highly anticipated debut EP, drawing upon meaningful, personal experiences encompassing themes of mental health struggles, love, heartbreak, and deepest regret.


Off the cuff, the song presents raw, stripped vocals, and acoustic instrumentation, playing into the theme of losing someone so close to you and putting it to music. While integrating the vocals of artist REIGN, who also calls Toronto home, Falling Together beautifully matches their tonality with emotive musical elements to push the song to pull on the heartstrings and resonate with the listener on a deeper level.


The time you spend after losing something meaningful often gives you the courage to find the right words and write a song, allowing you to heal, grow, and understand yourself on a deeper level. ‘Without You’ is an outcome of this period of time. A track which creates a peaceful experience for the masses acting as a guide for those navigating themselves through journeys of loss.


“Years after losing the person I thought was my soulmate, the love of my life, I finally found the words to put it into song,” shares Falling Together, speaking on the resonating motifs of the EP.

Listen to 'Without You' now: