Indian-American pop musician, AIR APPARENT, releases his electronic offering "Wonderland".

Inspired by the throwback classic Alice in Wonderland, AIR APPARENT’S new track also features the delicate vocals of San Diego based singer-songwriter, Kcdeeya. “Wonderland” is an upbeat single that fuses together trap-inspired beats and glitchy electronic melodies to create an experimental soundscape that shows the versatility of AIR APPARENT.


Growing up in Atlanta where he was exposed to the city’s local hip hop culture, alongside religious Indian music, punk rock and nu-metal, these elements inform the unique musician that he is today.


Speaking on the making of the track AIR APPARENT says: “I wrote this song with Kcdeeya across the world, across time zones! We wrote it as a love song inspired by Alice in Wonderland because sometimes being with someone can feel like a wonderful escape from a chaotic reality. While we wrote it before the pandemic, it certainly takes on a different, arguably more significant meaning during the pandemic.”


With a combination of singles and EPs dating back to 2017, the growth in his production skills and level of creativity is recognisable. Every time you tune into an AIR APPARENT track you are instantly transported to his synth-based magical world. “Wonderland” is the fourth track he has released this year and we are excited to see where his music takes us next.

Stream "Wonderland" below: