Besso unveils his heartfelt new single, 'Won't Fade', a track that will get you in the groove with its tech-house inspirations.

Rising artist Besso, born Nico Besso, is a Paris-born and Southern California-raised talent, who has just released his latest single, ‘Won’t Fade,’ adding another compelling track to his growing discography. At just 23, Besso has made a name for himself as a multifaceted producer, vocalist, and DJ, known for his ability to blend thought-provoking narratives with club-ready beats that take you on a danceable journey.


‘Won’t Fade’ continues this tradition, taking listeners through the turmoil of a deteriorating relationship. The track opens with a powerful intro, seamlessly transitioning into a groovy tech-house jam that carves out a thumping bassline. Besso encapsulates this perfectly, describing it as having the vivacious energy of “if Rüfüs Du Sol had a fast house baby,” featuring pulsating synths and driving beats that set the tone for a dancefloor anthem.


Besso’s vocals are a highlight, weaving pop-infused melodies with dynamic vocal effects that shift throughout the track. The song merges elements of house, techno, and UK garage, sprawling the spectrum of dance music to find his place in the scene. The lyrics delve into the emotional corruption of trying to salvage a fading relationship, complemented by airy synthesiser arpeggios that evoke a sense of disorientation. Following the success of his previous single ‘Space 2 Breathe,’ which garnered attention from Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds Dance and Feel Good, ‘Won’t Fade’ marks a new chapter in Besso’s evolving sound.

Listen to 'Won't Fade' now: