Alternative hip-hop artist, Anthony Vince, returns with his first single of the year “Woods”

Never to be constrained by any one particular genre, hip-hop artist Anthony Vince blends elements of alternative rock, pop and hip-hop to create his unique sound. He returns with his new single “Woods”, produced, written, recorded and mastered entirely by the songwriter. 


In his typical genre-bending style, the track is an experimental, energetic number armed with a hypnotic rhythm, charismatic vocals and a cinematic production. With its thought-provoking arrangement and unapologetic lyricism, this just-over-two-and-a-half-minute track will leave you sticking it on repeat.


Speaking about the forthcoming EP ‘Not Out of the Woods’, Anthony explains it’s “a look inside of my mind and personality through sound. Creating music that my younger self would be proud of”.


Anthony expressed himself through art from a young age, through painting, creating music and woodworking. Today, he pays tribute to the creative instincts he nurtured in his youth, with his distinctive soundscape. Walking through life with a vision of having the freedom to explore, Anthony Vince is an inspiring individual that is always on the lookout for his next big adventure.  

Listen to the track below: