• Words
  • Photography Nanio Naniov
  • Video Nanio Naniov, Alex Genchev and Nikolay Hristov
  • Single Art YoVo

Bursting onto the scene with 'Last Rays', get stuck into the experimental duo's debut single and music video.

Woomb was conceived by coincidence, when Hristo Yordanov and George Linev met at a random house party, discovered their shared love of alternative, indie rock and formed a band. Naming themselves Woomb – a reference to the limitless love one experiences in the womb – the London/Sofia-based duo have since been songwriting, George taking charge of production (he’s helped produce for the likes of Baby Keem and Thundercat) and Hristo the vocals. Now they’re ready to make their Woomb debut with genre-bending first single ‘Last Rays’ and its accompanying music video (you can watch the preview below).


‘Last Rays’ has a dreamy but also slightly haunting quality; it fuses elements of Laurel Canyon folk – the 70s music niche fronted by Joni Mitchell – electronica and choir-like sonics. The lyrics reinforce the song’s spiritual nature, which vocalist Hristo describes as being about “points in our lives when we find pieces of heaven on earth…they seem unreal…what makes them special is the impossibility to encounter them again.” 


Hristo, 23, has a background in visual arts, so the music video inevitably takes a central position. Unravelling in slow motion, the striking cinematography portrays bodies interacting with the elements. As well as emotive, abstract dancing, there are references to paganism – a man who is tied to a stake and a burning sword. 


“We wanted the video of Last Rays to be a door to the world of Woomb,” he says. “By beading Bulgarian pagan symbols, Greek mythology and biblical elements we embodied the roles of bystanders that shift between the material and a dream space – seeing all of the pain that the other characters are going through without directly reinforcing any action in their suffering.”


This is no ‘soft launch’ of Woomb. The experimental single and video set forth the young band’s unique, unwavering identity – it is a promising start which leaves us excited to see what’s next.  

Listen to 'Last Rays' and watch an exclusive look at the video below: