Newcastle-based photographer Reece James Morrison documents life up North under COVID-19 highlighting the brave work of essential workers and how the community has united together.

"Working from home."
"My good friend Brandon, self isolating at home on statutory sick pay whilst his employer install social distancing measures."
"My Mum, photographed after dropping off essentials."
"Local postman in our area, photographed a day after he was announced as a key worker."
"Pat, photographed litter picking, to "do her bit to ease the burden for others."
"Local butchers - key workers."
"John, delivering bricks to his Dad's place."
"Our local priest, photographed on VE Day as he circled a nearby village."
"The People's Kitchen in Newcastle, providing the homeless with food and clothes. Due to the spread of Coronavirus, the team at The People's Kitchen have recently had to close their doors but are still working to offer meal packages through drop-offs and delivery."
"From left to the right - Ian, Jackie, Sara, Dave, Dawn and Tracey from The People's Kitchen."
"A thank you card for the team at The People's Kitchen, although I feel this is relevant to every image in this series; showing that despite our personal situations, each of us are pulling our weight and doing our bit for the community."

Reece James Morrison continues to document how we cope and adjust to different stages of the virus; continuing to focus on key-workers and small business owners. This series will be exhibited until October 2021 following the fund from an award.