Producer-vocalist Shyam P and Afro house hotshot Moon Rocket join forces for percussive new track, ‘Worlds Apart’.

Doing deep house their way, Shyam P and Moon Rocket are two linchpins taking the electronic scene by storm. While London’s own Shyam P brings his soulful vocals to the game, Moon Rocket bears some of the breeziest beats around bringing his piano virtuosity to the forefront. Together they whisk up a brew of deep four-to-the-floor intertwined with experimental electronica, that pushes the boundaries of typical stylistic categories people try and pigeonhole them in.


Far from new collaborators, the pair have joined forces before. Their debut release, ‘Watercolours’, demonstrated their dynamic synergy, whilst their second single, ‘Leave the World Behind’, boasted their genre-bending dexterity, crafting a club banger ready to shake up the dancefloor and make people sweat. Now, the duo have just released their debut joint album, More Than Art & Science, Which features the stomping, polyrhythmic opener, ‘Worlds Apart’.


Capturing the bittersweetness of enduring love, ‘Worlds Apart’ sees the narrative charge the deep house soundscape with unrivalled vigour. Carrying a sense of nostalgia, the hauntingly beautiful track offers a unique perspective through the eyes of a ghost, serving as a tribute to Shyam P’s father-in-law who he never got to meet, all whilst emotional synths interplay with one another. Creating a melancholic atmosphere, the production paradigmatically complements the song’s themes and leaves listeners wanting more on the dancefloor.

Listen to 'Worlds Apart' now: