Tim Lyre has released his latest album, 'Worry <', a fascinating symphony of varied Afrobeats.

Tim Lyre is carving out a bold new place for himself in the Afrobeats genre. Drawing on an intensely rich tradition of genre variation across the likes of neo-soul, jazz, R&B, gospel and far more, he’s taken pieces of the old into a soundscape that’s definitively his own.


His new album, ‘Worry <‘ (Worry Less), is a true calling card that shows the breadth of Lyre’s innovation across its nine eclectic and sonically varied tracks. Working with talented collaborators such as DAP The Contract, Lex Amor and Prettyboy D-O, the only constant in the journey between different cultures and modes of thought is Lyre’s rich voice and his canny manipulation of Afrobeats.


Themes range from personal and heartfelt emotional expression on the likes of “Spanish Lime” to grandiose and mythological explorations of fundamental human values such as in “Hubris”, signifying the breadth of Lyre’s intellectual interests. As shown by his popularity across the African continent, from his native Nigeria to South Africa to Ghana, Lyre’s style is one which is inclusive of various cultures and ways of thinking – and it’s sure to keep pulling him in fans worldwide.


Having been noticed by the likes of BBC Radio 1Xtra, Native Mag, Triller, Guap Mag and Worldwide FM, it’s clear Lyre has truly broken onto the Afrobeats scene without sacrificing the personal touch that makes his music so defiantly individual to begin with. This album is sure to be just the latest in a successful and creatively vibrant sequence.

Listen here:


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