London-based rapper, LA, breaks into the scene with his emotive new single “Wrong Or Right” and drops the accompanying music video.

At only nineteen years old, London based indie hip-hop artist LA has already made a name for himself around his area with his unapologetic lyricism and sharp sense of humour. Inspired by his relationship with his mother, LA brings out “Wrong Or Right” addressing the crossroads of decision making, the choices between bad and good, wrong or right.


In addition to the song, LA drops the accompanying video premiered by Mixtape Madness and directed by Pierre Jermaine.  The visuals give insight into his life, following LA (a.k.a. ‘Little Adam’) as he hits his local area, heads to the studio and plays some pool. Rapping about how “Mummy’s crying / She don’t know that I’m actually trying”, LA delivers a melodic track that is relatable and thought-provoking.


With support from the independent label and studio 1010, who are helping LA on his journey of curating his signature sound and style, the release of “Wrong Or Right” surely marks the start of a successful career for the young rapper.