New year, new you, new zodiac: we round up how the fashion world is celebrating in a month that welcomes the new Lunar Year of the Rabbit.

A congratulations are in order; we’ve collectively made it through the first week of January. While you may already be sick of those Happy New Year’s messages landing in your email, the 22nd of this month will mark a fresh beginning in the form of the Lunar New Year. Gone is the Year of the Tiger, in its place, 2023 welcomes the Year of the Rabbit on the zodiac calendar.


Since late December, brands have been celebrating and commemorating the Lunar New Year with various collections and homages to our fluffy friends. From rabbit-adjacent outerwear to full-on bunny ears, we round up how the fashion world is embracing the new zodiac. They do say that a rabbit’s foot can bring good luck (although probably not for the rabbit), perhaps these apparel offerings will do the same?

Hairy High Fashion

Gucci, Prada and Burberry are a few of the high fashion houses choosing to release collections in honour of the Lunar New Year. Shot by renowned photographer Max Siedentopf, Gucci’s offering dropped alongside a playful campaign with the animal themselves getting a feature.


Prada opted for a more subtle reference, their “Memories of Beauty” campaign reflecting the ‘happy moments’ tied to Lunar New Year celebrations, fronted by Chinese stars like Cai Xukun and Bai Yu Fan. Burberry also tapped Chinese celebs, their first campaign of 2023 featuring actors Qi Xi and Shi Pengyuan, and footballer Zhao Lina. Incoming creative director Daniel Lee even reimagined the Thomas Burberry Monogram as rabbit ears.

Big on Bunny Balaclavas

This drop from Tokyo-based brand AMBUSH might not be massively wearable, but it’s undeniably joyous in a rabbit-homage. Apparently the first drop of the balaclava has now sold out, so maybe AMBUSH fans are ready to be bolder than anticipated. Described by an Instagram commenter as a “Donny Darko Slayyyyy”, we couldn’t put it better ourselves.


This month also marks a year since the explosion of the iconic crochet bunny-eared balaclavas from Alexandria Masse, but it seems brands are continuing to put new twists on the dress-up headgear. Think Ariana’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ album cover, with slightly less latex.

Hop into Gorpcore

Although the term Gorpcore may have been coined in 2017, (inspired by the expression “good ol’ raisins and peanuts” aka a hiker’s snack of choice) the trend looks here to stay well into 2023.


Surfacing first on Reddit but officially announced this week, functional streetwear buzz-brand Arc’teryx have swapped bird for bunny in their Lunar New Year collection. The special campaign features athletes Zinan Lam and Alannah Yip amongst others. The North Face also dropped a ski-ready Year of the Rabbit collection recently, complete with their signature NUPTSE jacket in an exclusive print comprised of rabbit silhouettes.

Sneakers Not to Sniff At

The list wouldn’t be complete without a look to the trainer offerings, and this year the majority of revealed shoes have come from Nike. With Dunk Lows, a new Jordan 1 High, some Air Force 1’s and High Dunks, they haven’t gone into the holiday half-heartedly. Personal faves are these “Year of the Rabbit” Air Jordan 1 Low OGs. Fluffy laces is the addition to 2023 we didn’t know we needed.

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