With an extensive catalogue of songs waiting in the wings, 22-year-old Benji Brown reveals his latest track “Yesterday’s Love”.

Growing up in Northampton, Benji Brown was surrounded by music from a young age, growing up around by powerful songwriters. Benji started posting online 6 years ago at 16 years old, uploading singing videos to Instagram and YouTube; he gained attention for his covers. As he has matured, Benji looks to reflect this in his most recent music which comments on the emotions of the past year.


The first lockdown arrived just two weeks after the release of Benji’s debut single ‘Déjá Vu’. Despite promising acclaim for the new artist, the curtailing nature of the lockdown meant Benji’s plans had to swiftly change. Instead of continuing the schedule of releases Benji had for the year, he focused on honing his song writing craft. This led to the young artist creating a barrage of songs with which he’s looking towards the release of his debut EP.


The first to be revealed, “Yesterday’s Love”, is a touching ballad eloquently describing an experience that has become ever more familiar over the course of the pandemic. With a humble arrangement of piano and strings supporting Benji’s dulcet vocals, the song ever so delicately tugs on your heartstrings as it describes the heartbreak of a love lost.


“We all have that stage in any relationship where everything seems to be so perfect until someone gives up or leaves”. says Benji “From the outside the relationship seemed to be unbreakable but you soon realise that it’s about what’s inside and how you feel. I finally accepted that what we once had would never be the same again with me singing “it’s killing me to say that we’re just yesterday’s love”. I poured out my thoughts and feelings into this track, and with doing so a lot of memories came flooding back. It was perfect when capturing this within the song.”

Listen to "Yesterday's Love" below: