London-raised alternative hip-hop talent, The Last Skeptik, reveals new album 'you don’t like me but i’m still here', leading with the track "billboards".

Hailing from Finsbury Park, rapper and producer The Last Skeptik (real name Corin Liall Douieb) has been a part of the club scene for the last 15 years, making waves with his unique alt hip-hop sound. Following on from the success of his last album See You in the Next Life in 2019 which chronicled the demise of a relationship, The Last Skeptik returns with his new self-produced album you don’t like me but i’m still here.


Weaving between anger and anxiety, The Last Skeptik narrates his upbringing, heritage, and identity while outlining life lessons and loss. The latest single “billboards” humorously explores others’ success: ‘everybody’s on billboards’ while Skeptik is ‘in the offie’ and ‘on the bus’. Varied in its scope you don’t like me but I’m still here showcases The Last Skeptik’s genre-bending song writing talent and fiercely unapologetic voice.


Written during a nonstop year – having scored two plays, and commercially composed music for the likes of Rihanna and Mercedes – the album is a testament to The Last Skeptik’s drive, cementing his status as one of the most incredible alt hip-hop talents to come out of the UK.

Stream the album below: