Indie-pop quartet, Das Body, unleash rebellious vigour in latest track, ‘You look so pretty when you’re on your knees’.

Doing things differently, Das Body are Norway’s hottest collective shaking up the progressive pop scene. Finding their sound in the shadowy and edgier facets of pop, their soundscapes are dense, laden with woozy electronics and post-punk nuances all while exuding an unmistakable bossa nova flair. Poised with their upcoming sophomore album, True Vulture— set to be released on 26th January via Brilliance/ Warners—their latest single, ‘You look so pretty when you’re on your knees’ is an explosive glimpse of what’s next to come.


Forming their name by band member Kim uttering the words ‘das body’, apropos of nothing, on a train journey, their casual nature stems from their friendship prior to starting the band. Growing up in and around the city of Oslo, Das Body hold their Nordic electronica groove with every step they take. As they look to reap the same rewards as they received from their debut album, Peregrine— a project which saw an effortless meld of indie-pop notes and earworm verses—they sit at the zenith of their career ready to release their sophomore album, while their latest single ‘You look so pretty when you’re on your knees’ sits out for the world to hear.


Throughout ‘You look so pretty when you’re on your knees’ we see Das Body’s artistic prowess bask in the spotlight. Finding the intersection where storytelling meets percussion and the complexities of influence are laid bare, a thread of sonic exploration is meticulously woven, all through a funky, hypnotic pop sound. Witness pulverising bass and drum rhythms in a seductive ceremonial soundscape as Linden’s preacher-like vocals sit atop akin to a cult leader rallying their devoted tribe.


When speaking about the single, lead singer, Ellie Linden said: “What immediately came to mind when writing this song was preaching rules that all children should follow, but also about myself going to a club to put someone in a trance with my devilish good looks.” Reflecting on the recording process, she added: “I walked into the studio to put some vocals on this new idea Kim (Granholt – keyboard) had made. When I heard the bass and the beat for the first time, the only thing that made sense was to tell people to gather round and listen to me, as I preach.”


Listen to 'You look so pretty when you're on your knees' now: