TeaMarrr releases new album You Should Prolly Sit Down For This, delving deep into her psyche with creative sonic explorations.

Boston-born singer-songwriter TeaMarrr, is back with the release of her debut album, You Should Prolly Sit Down For Thisofficially out on November 17. TeaMarrr’s new album gives fans a vulnerable and unfiltered look into her life as she shares the turning points on her healing journey and navigating life in LA as an independent artist. This 13-track album offers a raw and unfiltered look into TeaMarrr’s life, offering a skilful creative expression that truly shines through on this project.


As TeaMarrr puts it, “This album is about the church girl from the East Coast who takes a wild turn in the wild wild west and ends up lost in the belly of the beast. It’s a musical map guiding her way back”.


You Should Prolly Sit Down For This delves deep into TeaMarrr’s mind and soul, addressing themes like mental health, drug abuse, regret, loneliness, and finding inner peace. Her unique sound, influenced by musical legends like Amy Winehouse, Biggie Smalls, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna, Drake, and Jay-Z, offers a tune for every emotion. The album features collaborations with multi-Grammy nominated producer duo Butta-N-Bizkit, who’ve worked with greats like John Legend, Ne-Yo, and Kelly Rowland. In addition, esteemed songwriter Sebastian Kole, known for his work with Alicia Keys, JoJo, Dua Lipa, and Alessia Cara, also features.


For first-time listeners, TeaMarrr recommends starting with tracks like ‘Cool Enough’, ‘I’m That’, or ‘Chasing Amy’, from her 2020 releases which showcase her versatile and genre-blurring style then graduating to the new music, which serves as a conduit to the direction she is heading in as an artist.


TeaMarrr’s dedication to her craft has led to remarkable achievements like being announced by Issa Rae as her artist at the Soul Train Awards in 2019, including touring with SIR in Europe and most recently supporting Durand Bernarr on his 2023 Wanderlust Tour.


TeaMarrr’s future is promising, with dreams of a first headlining tour on the horizon. With a heartfelt message for her fans, TeaMarrr hopes her music fills rooms with warmth, laughter, and a sense of belonging. “It’s like candy for your ears, but the natural fruit kind”, she shares. “I want them to feel seen and hope that they want to see me live one day, so I can share the light that God gave me to shine”.


Prepare for a unique musical journey with You Should Prolly Sit Down For This, and stay tuned for the upcoming EP, KITEA CAT, which is in the works. TeaMarrr’s story promises to captivate and inspire as she continues to rise in the world of music.

Listen to You Should Prolly Sit Down For This below: