US indie-rock three-piece Call Me Cannon release radio-ready anthem, “You Want My Love”, out now.

Leaning on their ability to pen an infectious hook, Call Me Cannon’s “You Want My Love” tells the tale of beckoning a love interest to leave their partner just for the night. Led by strong vocals and classic guitars, the track offers a contemporary edge to old-school rock that’ll resonate with listeners of Foo Fighters, War on Drugs, and Milky Chance.


“You Want My Love” originally began life as a satirical take on a love song, though, as it evolved into a pop-rock tune, the three-outfit injected it with a new life to form the single it is today. An accompanying video features live footage of the group performing to pulsating crowds, and a ‘90s haze over skatepark footage, feeding into the track’s poppy, tongue-in-cheek vibe.


The band have always taken a ‘do what we want as long as it rocks’ approach since forming in 2022. Call Me Cannon is made up of Michael Fitzgerald, who has written 17 independent albums and worked with notable artists like Neil Young, Jonathan Clark, who’s currently touring with Dwight Yoakam, and Tony Brock, known for founding The Babys. Having each had their independent success in music, the wide-reaching experience of each member led to their formation. After their first recording session, it was Fitzgerald who offered up some of his unreleased tracks to the group – resulting in their less traditional approach to the industry. 

Listen to "You Want My Love" below: