The Montreal three-piece drop the latest jam from their new project, Added Sugar.

Consisting of Rami B, Tony Stone and Dumix, Montreal-based trio Planet Giza have been on the up for the past few years. They showcased their musical capabilities with their incredible ZZZ 2018 EP, which proved they have the Montreal magic. Their next project is the eagerly anticipated Added Sugar (12th February)which will feature a string of mega talents including previous collaborator Kaytranda and Chicago musician, Mick Jenkins. It’s certain to be a game-changer for them.

To quench out third for now, the trio have dropped the second jam from the project, the bouncy “You Wasn’t Lyin'”, which features a wild video from Walid Jabri.  Showcasing a trippy kidnap plot, Jabri tells us: “The main idea around the video’s concept stems from the track’s title and that sometimes you really have only yourself to blame for missing the red flags. At the end of the day, Tony can only sing “You Wasn’t Lyin’” as his seemingly normal picnic date turns into his own personal nightmare.”

With killer vocals from Tony Stone, the track is a little hint of what to expect from Added Sugar, it’s synth-heavy, bouncy and infused with mega hip-hop inflections. “To us, “You Wasn’t Lyin’” is the happy motivational dance song you listen to in the morning,” the trio say of their latest release. “It’s about not letting people dim your light and pushing through no matter what the situation is. We feel like the hook to this song empowers anyone who sings it as we tried to put a smile on their faces.”


"You Wasn't Lyin'" by Planet Giza