His growing presence on top streaming sites like Spotify has earned immense love, streams and appreciation from the audiences.

“Not all those who wander are lost” is a particular adage that has stood true for so many people and professionals across the world in more than one way. This phrase is not just for those who hop from one industry to the other; it is also for those who hop within the same industry to try new things in their field, gain greater experiences and become more versatile and resilient professionals. This was something we noticed a young Iranian boy did in the world of music, who hopped within the industry to try new music genres and become a more versatile musical talent; we are talking about Ali Hasani, the one who believed he could do great in the industry and the one who even went ahead achieving that.


Ali Hasani is one who, as a singer, musician and young artist, has been consistently spreading positivity with each of his singles like Pol, Saat 5, Tabire Khab, Dast Bardar, Jat Toye Ghalbe, Modele Khas, Bargard, Kojayi, Aroom Nemigigiram, and Tanham Bezar. All these incredible hit tracks are available on Spotify and so many other top musical sites of the world like YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Gaana.com, and Anghami.


Each of his tracks has something new and refreshing to offer music lovers and listeners, which has helped him thrust forward in the industry at a very young age, something not all at his age have been able to accomplish in their lives. Ali Hasani always had the urge to reach more and more people, and so besides music, he chose motivational speaking as his other passion for impacting lives incredibly.


Through music, he has got his purpose in life, he says, and that purpose, he believes, grows through motivational speaking as well, where he loves speaking with different people on different valuable topics. Ali Hasani now wants to step a firmer foot as a musician and singer in the music world so that he can come up with many more mesmerising and tuneful tracks that people can easily relate to and feel deeply for.

Listen to Ali Hasani's music below: