Italian artist Alessia Labate returns with her latest release, “You’re My Next Ex”, an upbeat single about personal growth.

Italian-born Alessia Labate’s new track is taken from her upcoming debut EP, ‘YMNE’. With a funk-tinged rhythm and powerful melody, it discusses what she describes as her “growth in the last 2 years as an artist and as a person”, and a development of her career that started younger than most.  


Born in Italy and growing up in a musical household, Labate was discovered on Italian talent show Io Canto at the age of 12. After the show, she toured Italy’s arenas and started to write music in both Italian and English. Appearing on Italy’s version of The Voice at the age of 17, she moved to Rome, and then to Milan to make music full-time. Continuing her travels further, after signing to a NY-based management company in 2019 Labate has been working with producers and songwriters from around the world, while simultaneously launching a steady stream of EDM and pop releases. 


This new single establishes Labate’s punchy lyrics alongside her playful sound. She describes how the track represents her “ego” or the part of herself that gets “affected too much by their ego”. It’s fun and quirky, just like Labate, but doesn’t shy away from a self-reflective message amongst the upbeat pop. 

Check out the single below: