Lazer Viking has dropped a synth-driven new track, "Yr Body".

Prague-based artist Lazer Viking is best known as a true-blue purveyor of rock and roll, with a classic repertoire of guitar-centric music that pays tribute to many of the greats who came before them.


Indeed, that’s how their latest project, the album ‘Tunnel Vision’ began: with Viking’s bedroom rendered as a shrine to all things guitar, ready for another rocking collection of songs. Yet as things progressed on the new LP, the emphasis changed, and Viking found themselves working with another toolkit entirely: synth music.


They say, “I began working on Tunnel Vision with minimal knowledge of anything EDM related. I had earned my stripes in rock’n’roll but couldn’t shake the feeling that it was becoming wildly constricting. Taking the guitar out of the picture was the next logical step. There was suddenly so much to discover.”


That transformation is on full display on the album’s first single, “Yr Body”. True to expectations, it’s a pulsating synth-driven tune with an instantly groovable beat, but there’s introspection too there, an aspect which is accentuated by the music video, in which Viking attends an anxious therapy session and finds themselves facing all the difficulties they might have hoped to avoid in the outside world.


On the video, “We were looking to subvert the traditional concept of what a pop music video looks and feels like but stay within the confines of the format at the same time. What Jay brought to the plate made such a tall order feel effortless. She’s a stone cold pro and I’m grateful to have finally gotten to work with her. We’ve been following each other for years but never really had the chance to collaborate until now. It was definitely worth the wait and definitely not the last time.”   

Watch here: