We get the inside scoop on pioneering new menswear brands from Barcelona Fashion June 2019.



From the mind of Angel Vilda comes the gender-bending new collection of Brain & Beast: PREMIERE. This highly symbolic, transgressive series sees Vilda’s signature layering of patterns and fabrics incorporate 50s aesthetics and pops of neon colour to distort classic silhouettes of gender in stylishly androgynous looks. Many of the garments had words printed in Spanish and English, such as, “Are you a boy? Are you a girl? Explain to me what that means”, and, “People have the power”, sending his message of clothing as liberation loud and clear.



Ethical fashion brand Enaut brought stylish minimalism to the runway with their collection of monochromatic looks. Featuring outfits in white, black and maroon, the garments brought together a combination of fringe, mesh and polyurethane that was effortlessly stylish in its sleek simplicity. The phrase “new found land” featured on many of the looks and asserted the notion of a new, purer relationship between fashion and the environment.



Menswear brand and made-to-measuring tailoring studio Mans Concept brought an exciting innovative take on traditional menswear to the 080 Barcelona catwalk. Bringing in avant-garde and contemporary cultural influences, the collection approaches the formal tradition of menswear with a progressive and playful style. Incorporating Saville Row and Japanese techniques, the quality of the design is unparalleled and creates a confident space for new approaches to masculinity in fashion.

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