Notion heads to Barcelona to take a closer look at our favourite womenswear designers flourishing in this city of art.



Ecological ready-to-wear brand Sonia Carrasco showcased a sophisticated minimalist collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The brand dedicates every aspect of their work to environmental conservation and the title of the new collection, 33.394759,-124.969482, references the coordinates of the “Plastic Island’ which acts as a 7th continent in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The aeon-demand collection features high-quality monochrome garments in dusty pinks, blues, and whites that merge formal professional silhouettes with draping summer fabrics. Unique and understated, the collection is effortlessly stylish and pushes the need for ecological revolution home.



NARBON’s demi-couture collection featured designer Patricia Narbón’s latest maximalist collection. The garments sported Vienna-based Narbon’s signature mix of bold patterns and textures with a contemporary, almost subversive twist on the classic summer aesthetic of florals and ruffles.  The bright intensity of the colour scheme is balanced by soft feminine elements to create stand out garments that innovate classic styles into contemporary fashion. The entire collection is cruelty-free, ethical and handmade to order in Barcelona and Vienna, showing it doesn’t cost the planet to wear high glamour.



The futuristic new collection, Il dottore della peste, from designer Txell Miras harkens to the dark past of Europe with an aesthetic inspired by the black plague doctors. The garments reflect this morbid history in a sleek, contemporary twist, with muted grey, blue and black layers, sharp hoods and clinical transparent PVC accessories. With this concept focused collection, Miras takes this figure of death and fear and transforms it into a severe, powerful femme aesthetic that looks down the world’s problems with strength.

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