To celebrate ‘Crybaby’, the latest release from her four EP-long series titled ‘Moods’, Taura Lamb talks through 10 tracks inspiring her ongoing project.

'Raw' by Loony

This one shot to the very top of my favourite R&B slow jams back in 2021 (that is an extremely long list to top), and so far, nothing has been able to knock it off first place. There is so much emotion in there, I simply cannot hear it without scrunching my entire face up and head-banging for the full three minutes.

'Sweet Love' by Augustine

The perfect song to listen to on a summer road trip with the love of your life, and if it’s winter and you’re single and you don’t have a car - close your eyes and it will transport you there.

'Krunk' by Sad Night Dynamite

It’s otherworldly. For two extremely different experiences of the same song, I suggest listening once when you feel amazing, walking down the street with a bit of sass, and once in an absolute hole of a hangover.

'July' by Noah Cyrus

So simple and so beautiful. Noah Cyrus’s vocal range is incredible, the low notes are heavenly. This song stirs up all the feelings every time.

'Slow' by Pip Millett

Effortlessly cool...obviously because it's Pip Millett!

'All Night' by Bree Runway

This one is sensual and badass at the same time - the epitome of sexy R&B. After hearing it I immediately reached out to the producer 808Charmer, and have worked with him ever since…so I owe a lot to this track!

'Worth It' by Raye

The vocals. The lyrics. Just listen and let it lift you into a happier dimension - I do this on a daily basis.

'Poltergeist' by BANKS

Ahh, 'Poltergeist'. My favourite live performance ever. The best song to listen to when everyone seems to be ruining your day. Let the BANKS lyrics take the wheel and tell you how you feel (always). An inspiration for the Tetchy EP.

ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine

My perfect example of a ‘happy song that makes you want to cry’. The line “lovely to be rained on with you” is simply beautiful. The boldness of the ending gets me every time.

'Temperature High' by edbl, Jackson Mathod, Sophie Faith

Some of my favourite artists come together on this magical track. Jackson Mathod and Ed’s inspiring beats mixed with Sophie Faith’s smooth vocals bring back a bit of summer. I listen on repeat.

Listen to Taura Lamb's heartfelt new single 'Crybaby' here:


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