Taura Lamb has released her debut album, a creative product of lockdown, 'Revisions'.

For plenty of people, lockdown wasn’t the most creatively fruitful time. All in our houses and unable to gather and in-person, music would seem to be especially hurt by isolation – it being harder to create, and harder to share. However, as we’ve seen, some artists have risen above and made art out of isolation, and one of them is Taura Lamb.


In fact, lockdown is where Lamb’s creativity really took flight. With collaboration with her producers proceeding seamlessly over Zoom, she hunkered down and wrote the set of songs that has now become her debut album, ‘Revisions’, releasing today.


Lamb has been relentlessly building the anticipation for her debut release with a clever one song per month drop strategy, letting listeners into the highly varied soundscape of nostalgic R&B that she builds over the course of its 10 tunes. Now, collected together into one cohesive whole, she’s ready to show off her complete work without a filter. It’s all exemplified by the album’s closing track, and the lead single, “Love Song”, a smooth tune which takes a wry look at its clichéd title, offering a self-reflexive twist on romantic expression that emphasises the heartbreak waiting on the other side of a good relationship.


On the album, Lamb says, “Due to the circumstances, ‘Revisions’ became a curation of multiple creative processes. Some of these tracks are updated versions of songs I wrote a long time ago and couldn’t leave behind, some have been written virtually through lockdown, often with producers I still haven’t met in person, and some I had the pleasure of writing whilst sitting in a room with other artists and starting from scratch. All the tracks are tied together through their shared obstructed processes, leading to almost all of them sounding completely different to how they started, going through many ‘revisions’ to get to where they are now.”

Listen here:


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