Described as abstract and rhythmic, experimental electronic artist DJ ST THOMAS returns with his new ethereal single "323".

Following the release of his debut single “FODDER” which received widespread acclaim, the New York-based Persian artist, a.k.a Pedi Hashemian, returns with a brand new single. With the aim of producing a divine mix of sprawling electronics with a glistening aura, “323” expands his eclectic vision and affinity for a multitude of genres.


The single is a dreamy endeavour which extends towards the depths of chillwave, electronic, and soulful dance whilst showing his lustrous arrangements and stimulating songwriting. The track takes its name from the Los Angeles area code and the AirBnB Pedi stayed at while in town on a writing trip — 323 Monterey Blvd — and is a commentary on the LA fame and money-centric culture he saw whilst there. He operates under a D-I-Y ethos by which he writes, produces, mixes and masters all of his work and on top of this, he’s also a skilled guitarist, bassist and pianist. Pedi coined the name DJ ST THOMAS from the idea that everything musical is simply a curation of sounds — oh, and a conversation he had with his friends that led to them watching a series of Thomas the Thank Engine mash-up videos.


DJ ST THOMAS has been working on his debut EP “MATRIMONY” for over two years between New York and Knoxville and describes it as an exploration of transitory love. The EP is set for release on November 8th but in the meantime, check out the premiere of his new single below!