Lava La Rue

As they drop 'LOVEBITES' ahead of their debut album, STARFACE, we rewind to 2019 when Lava La Rue sat down to discuss the origins of their visionary attitude.

Enter the World of Isabella Lovestory

Honduras-born, Montreal-based pop star Isabella Lovestory speaks with Notion on finding her niche and how Japanese erotica inspired her new single, "Cherry Bomb".

Hatchie Reboots Herself from Scratch

Shoegaze superstar Hatchie reflects on her launch to success, path to self-acceptance, and how a lightbulb moment of reclamation encouraged her to reboot from scratch.

Remembering SOPHIE

“Music makes the people come together” sang Madonna as we crept into the 2000s, a period in life where a new generation would witness the total factuality of that statement.

Tai Verdes Is In This For The Long Haul

LA-based singer-songwriter and TikTok’s latest phenomenon, Tai Verdes, is skyrocketing into a realm of his own, and he’s in it for the long haul.

Birdy: “I think I really needed a break after the last album”.

After a three year hiatus, Notion catches up with Grammy-nominated artist Birdy ahead of her forthcoming album to discuss her reintroduction to music, growing up in the spotlight, and why this time around feels more authentic than ever.

There’s Only One Jaguar Jonze

Combining cinematic visuals with straight-up inherent energy as she effortlessly drifts between genres, Jaguar Jonze is the multi-faceted Australian artist who’s got it all.

BossyLDN & Tommy Gold

Switching up the Saturday night club scene, we sat down with Phonox’s Mantra residents Tommy Gold and BossyLDN and delved deep into the craft behind London’s exciting new club night.

B Wise

Following the release of his infectious dance-floor ready single 'Burn', we catch up with African-Australian artist B Wise as our latest Internet Crush!