As the pioneering auteur’s esoteric film style continues to bless our For You pages, we break down six of our favourite ever Anderson-approved fits.

Anyone who has seen a Wes Anderson flick already knows all the signature makings of his artful filmography. They’re characterised by symmetrically-framed shots, offbeat blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments and a pop-pastel colour palette. And though these scenes may resemble an Oz-inspired fever dream, they’re also scenes you’ll meet in daily life – as showcased by the popular Instagram page “Accidentally Wes Anderson”. It’s an account dedicated to photographs of real-life places that have the director’s distinctive flair.


Years on from the page’s inception, a new Anderson-inspired trend has stormed TikTok. Crafty users of the app are making minute-long videos, set to the caption of a variation of “You better not be pretending you’re in a Wes Anderson movie again.” Against the sprightly tune of “Obituary” from The French Dispatch’s soundtrack, users collage together short segments of their day that appear plucked from the director’s own imagination.


The trend comes just two months ahead of his upcoming film, “Asteroid City”, which graces UK cinemas on the 23rd of June. His newest oeuvre follows a transformative event at an annual Stargazer convention in the mid-50s and has a star-studded cast including Margot Robbie, Steve Carell, and Tilda Swinton.


Thus, both in anticipation of “Asteroid City”s debut and in appreciation of the latest Anderson-esque TikTok trend, we’ve rounded up some of the most fashion-forward moments in his plentiful archive.

Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom 

A sweet tale of young love and its accompanying obstacles sets the scene for Suzy Bishop’s oh-so-excellent ‘60s getup in Moonrise Kingdom. The angsty pre-teen’s collared gingham mini dress is in stark contrast to her forbidden lover’s khaki scout uniform. To spotlight the spirit of a young girl finding her style, Anderson directed actress Kara Hayward to do her own hair and makeup – which manifests in the form of blue eyeshadow and a simple half-up ‘do. Complete with white socks and a pair of binoculars that practically scream “Not like other girls”, delinquency never looked so fresh.

Chas, Ari and Uzi in The Royal Tenenbaums

What’s better than one Adidas Firebird tracksuit? Three of them, obviously. Though the fiery red sports set plays into Anderson’s quirky deadpan humour, it’s also used as a symbol of unity between the family. Where Chas felt neglected by his self-absorbed dad, he wants his own sons to feel part of a team. And, judging by his switch out from the red to a black Adidas set for Royal’s funeral, simply loves vintage sportswear as much as the rest of us.

Team Zissou in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

We’ll move away from the comically coordinated nature of Anderson soon, but we couldn’t look past the colourful cavalry that is Team Zissou. Protagonist and Zissou leader Steve is based on Jaque Cousteau, an oceanographer who changed the future of underwater exploration with his inventions – and who famously sported a bright red cap. Steve and team’s aqua shirts and red beanies pay ode to Cousteau (and to Adidas for their matching white trainers, naturally).   

JKL Berensen in The French Dispatch

Unfairly, kaftans tend to take a bit of a hit with their shapeless shape and comfort-first style. Tilda Swinton as sex-obsessed staff-writer J.K.L Berensen, though, takes the smock to new heights. In a tangerine-hued fabric and printed with feathers, Berensen’s outfit qualifies is only made chicer with floaty sleeves and a bejewelled neckline. Add to that a perfectly-coiffed red ‘do and a pair of drop earrings, and you’ve got yourself a seriously sophisticated standout character.

Ash in Fantastic Mr. Fox

What Ash lacks in parental approval, he makes up for in style. The only son of Mr and Mrs Fox, the moody teen feels ousted when his physically-gifted cousin Kristofferson joins the family. But, where Kristofferson’s dreary blue shirt falls flat, Ash’s all-white fit flies. Kitted out in what looks to be a mohair cardi with a matching cape, tailored trousers and mask, he continues to prove that brains and biceps aren’t everything.

Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums

There’s something inexplicably enticing about Margot Tenenbaum’s steely gaze and tonally pared-back outfit. We first meet Margot slinking out of a Green Line bus, and locking black-rimmed eyes with her estranged brother, Richie. She’s clutching a brown Birkin, and robed in a luxuriously retro mink overcoat. A character steeped in apparent apathy, it’s surprisingly difficult not to love Margot – and her blunt cut.

“Asteroid City” is out in UK cinemas from the 23rd of June, 2023 and, until then, you can find us hanging out in the whimsical wonderland that is Wes Anderson’s costume cupboard.

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