Alternative-pop artist Dillon returns with her first full-length project in 5 years, ‘6abotage’, co-produced with Alexis Troy.

Praised for her off-the-wall aesthetic and distorted electronica sound, Dillon has built her platform through a variety of genre-bending cuts. Now celebrating the release of her fourth studio LP, ‘6abotage’ sees the artist return with her first full-length project five years after her last, and it doesn’t disappoint.


Partnering up with artist and producer Alexis Troy, together the pair curate an alluring atmosphere through themes of desperation and ambitious devotion. Dropping singles “<3core”,  “Cry Bebe”, and “Separate Us” with DIY music videos, it’s with these tracks Dillon was able to give fans a glimpse of what to expect on her newest project. 


Written, produced and recorded in complete solitude, throughout this project Dillon transfers the clarity she found in isolation into a product of both ambient and hyper-charged cuts. Describing the LP as: “a love letter, a cry for help and a consequence, all in one”, across this project Dillon protests against misleading stereotypes and discriminative preconceptions over avant-garde compositions.

Watch '6abotage' in full below:


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