Brazilian-born artist Dillon has arrived with new tune "Cry Bebe", another step towards her upcoming '6abotage' project.

Dillon’s whisky-soaked vocals stand out against a light electronic production as Dillon sings about the circular motion of life: “What goes up must come down”. 


In the “Cry Bebe” visuals, we see Dillon clad in a face-obscuring balaclava as she vigorously cleans a car before pouring gasoline all over it. The artistic metaphor is clear – we try so hard at working on something that it is always destined to go up in flames.


“Cry Bebe” is the second taste of Dillon’s forthcoming ‘6abotage’ album, on which she collaborated with producer Alex Troy. It follows the percolating single “<3core”, which began the new album cycle. Writing on Instagram, Dillon said: “6abotage marks my fourth studio album and my first since 2017’s Kind. 6abotage is the unapologetic manifestation of my latest artistic excursion with artist and producer @alexis_troy . A hybrid in its true sense, 6abotage is a love letter, a cry for help and a consequence, all in one. Written, produced and recorded in complete isolation without us ever being in the same room, 6abotage reflects today’s zeitgeist. It is sore and desperate but also reassuring and devoted. 6abotage is a successful protest.” 

Watch the music video below:


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