Genre-switching artist Knife Girl shares their latest glitchy single “7up”.

Lili Also is the creator behind both alter-egos Knife Girl and Oona, the wielders of future-facing tunes that belong in the metaverse.


The 21-year-old has collaborated with the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, In Love With A Ghost, and Daniela Andrade, releasing their debut EP ‘Metro’ to press acclaim this year. Their single “Metro” was handpicked for Urban Outfitters’ latest marketing campaign.


Oona will be dialing back in with the ‘OONA’ EP in November, but in the meantime, “7up” is an effervescent intergalactic collision of sounds to tease your taste buds.


Knife Girl explains: “I wanted it to be a sort of culmination of the EP. On the surface it’s a love song, but it’s more sadistic than that. It’s about bad intentions being passed off as love. That’s what the EP is like, it’s something pure that gets more and more tainted towards the end.”

Listen to "7up" below:


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