Minneapolis-born visual artist and singer-songwriter Morly takes us behind the scenes of her show at St Pancras Old Church in London.

Having relocated from Minneapolis to LA and eventually settling in London to be with her partner, singer Morly released her debut album ‘Til I Start Speaking earlier in the year, chronicling what it was like to fall in love across the Atlantic.


Morly slowed it down for her first full length release, relying on a model of stillness, calm and naturalism. Each track flowers in its own unique way, resulting in a rich collection of songs that are heartfelt, jazzy and timeless, with a focus on Morly’s voice and acoustic elements. She describes the creation process as almost a “subconscious exorcism,”, a cathartic way to cast out old ghosts and past loves.


Dive in as she takes Notion along for her show at St Pancras Old Church.

Morly with her mother who’d travelled from Minnesota for the show
One of the cupboards containing Holy Water & Holy Oils
A shot from the back of the Church featuring Morly and the band on stage
Morly and friend Chris brought on stage for a song they’d co-written together
Morly with flowers in the Vestry pre-show
Earlier in the day while setting up Morly ft Chris
Morly and band in the sound check from the balcony
Band member during soundcheck
Outside view of St Pancras Old Church
Morly making performance notes in front of Vestry Cupboards


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