Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Jagna" by Alewya

An unrestrained belter of a single, "Jagna" is sure to raise your pulse. Nodding to drum n' bass and underground music, Alewya's primal latest goes to the very roots of being: "Jagna is polarity. Jagna is release, Jagna is my soul, Jagna is my rage, Jagna is my lesson, my desperation, frustration, my surrender, my vulnerability, my acceptance and my existence on this planet.”

"Clouds" by SaintAhmad

Twangy guitars reach new heights, underpinned by a sturdy funk-drenched bass in the sophomore single from the Brooklyn artist. He's holding onto that vintage R&B hip-hop feel, but with an addictive psychedelic spin.

"Dance to You" by Morly

Morly's ethereal vocals are pulled back down to earth by a jazzy piano backing, while later on startling synths plummet like shooting stars. For the Minneapolis-born musician, the single is "a benevolent exorcism. It sprang from an encounter with someone so radiant to me that they helped light my way, but that I had to outgrow in order to see my own brilliance."

"Sunshine" by Shango SK

Blending wavering guitars, a hip hop beat and even a Theremin hovering above it all, Shango SK stays true to his melting pot style. The Stockport-born artist's latest musical rush is screaming out for freedom.

"M40 (Love Me Now)" by Issey Cross

This motorway themed single from upcoming pop storm Issey Cross is the relatable lockdown track we've all been waiting for. "Being by myself is weird as hell," she sings. "I get a tattoo just to feel something."

"Pretty Blue" by Lu Wright

A stirring new track baring all, from the South London singer Lu Wright. Plucked from her debut EP, 'Notes to Self', this is a striking contrast to the early-noughties hip-hop-infused "Lovely" which precedes it - though Wright's lulling and rounded vocals remain just as strong.

"Favorite What If" by Ashley Kutcher

Reminiscing about the relationship that could have been, "Favorite What If" is a candid anthem to pull at the heartstrings. Newly discovered, nursing graduate Ashley Kutcher's career has already sky-rocketed.

"Florence" by Alysha

Alysha returns to unveil her latest smooth slice of 90s R&B, “Florence”. Speaking on the track, Alysha said: “I was deeply infatuated with this guy who had a girlfriend, I remember listening to love songs on my way to and from uni and writing lyrics. It just felt right to use the words over this beat, they just vibed well with one another.”

"poomplexed" by George Riley

George Riley has just dropped an absolute bomb of an album, all about very Gen-Z problems. "poomplexed" is a particular highlight, fusing the west Londoner's lush layered R&B tones, hints of trip-hop and sparkling synths. The high-concept artist draws on her academic upbringing to shoot punches at capitalism, gender and society - one of the most exciting newbies around.

"10 Feet Tall" by bb sway

Embodying chillness, DIY Hong Kong-born artist bb sway will breeze you away with her freshest single. The singer explains: “‘10 Feet Tall’ is about the feeling you get when someone you love lifts you up. In times like these, support from loved ones is more valuable than ever!”

"Talk Again" by Franki

Creating electronic and RnB-inspired pop, Franki shares his new EP, 'rinse, repeat', all about falling in and out of love. He said: "'Talk Again encapsulates a lot of what the E.P is about for me which is uncertainty in love. How easy it can be to get lost in the midst of your emotions and to go back on your decisions despite having no clear outlook on what you want."

"New Girl" by Inés Rae

Pop newcomer Inés Rae makes her debut with single "New Girl". The chilled and summery bop was produced in collaboration with Matt Wills and Woody from Bastille and sets up Ines' playful, sugary and understated style. She said: "I like to think it’s catchy, relatable and after all I am the New Girl".

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