Rising techno/electronic artist Julien Bracht has returned with the fervent new tune "Across the Ocean".

Berlin-based artist Julien Bracht encapsulates his city’s sound perfectly in new single “Across the Ocean”.


Crafted specifically for a euphoric dance setting, Julien worked on the track in his new studio in Spain, composing on his beloved Prophet 6 as the basis for his musical creations.


“In ‘Across the Ocean’ the Bassline moves through the track like a train rumble and gives the basis of emotion, while the main melody, made with the SH 101 gives the sparkle on the top end”, Julien explains of the track’s sonics.

Although he has made a name for himself as an electronic artist, Julien first began his musical career as a drummer, finding success as one half of post-rock band, Lea Porcelain, alongside Mark Nikolaus. Now, Julien focuses on his own productions, which includes an official remix of Grimes’ “My Name Is Dark”.

Watch the music video below:

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