We sit down with the Afro-Pop artist Adekunle Gold to find out how he brings so much colour into his life with the release of his new single "Kelegbe Megbe (Know Your Level)".

With native roots and a wholesome spirit, Adekunle Gold is here to make music that speaks to the world. Adekunle was launched into success globally with his track “Sade” which cleverly sampled the instrumentals from One Direction’s hit “Story Of My Life”. Straight off the bat, Adekunle released “Gold” and “About 30” which further set his sights on the stars after global recognition on the dancefloor.


Known for his incredibly colourful outfits, beats and overall over energy – Adekunle wants to make the world move with happy feet, particularly in these trying times. Proud to be African, Adekunle showcases this love through everything he does, all the while making music everyone can relate to.


As Adekunle Gold simply stated, “The goal is not to be on-trend, the goal is to be timeless.” With the release of “Kelegbe Megbe (Know Your Level)”, and then his EP in September, there’s a lot to look forward to. Until then, check out Adekunle Gold as our latest Internet Crush!

What is the message or inspiration behind ‘Kelegbe Megbe (Know Your Level)’?

It’s a simple message to big up yourself because nobody does you better than you. ‘Kelegbe Megbe’ means to ‘Know Your Level’. It’s also a Yoruba slang that connotes, “I ain’t your mate mate” lol.

What was it like working with your wife Simi on your joint single, “By You”? 

It’s funny how she is now recently qualified by the term “wife” before musician. She’s a super talented, funny and brilliant musician. She’s a drill sergeant when it comes to her music because she’s very clear on what she needs to enhance it. I am very privileged to be that enhancement, the same way I’m privileged to be her husband. So, when I work with Simi, I treat myself as a bonus, she is already everything, I’m just humbly an extra. 

You have such a strong, bright sense of style, has that always come naturally to you?

Thank you. It’s really simple, I wear what makes me feel good at the time I put it on. My whole team could be shaking their head violently but if I feel great, that will be the sole and strongest reason to wear it. I guess that’s why you call it “bright sense of style” because it was born out of feeling happy.

How does it feel when people say you’re a part of the Nigerian cultural renaissance?

I don’t think of it too much in the moment, I’m grateful for where I am but I’m not even close to who I imagine myself to be. Perhaps one day, I’ll look back on all I’ve done and see what I’ve revived, inspired and achieved but right now, I’m still swimming aggressively to my dreams.

Your videos always feature casts of strong, diverse women, can you explain more why this is important to you?

I really love women you know, I’m very amused by how simple-minded men are and fascinated by how extremely different the women in my life are. I look at my sisters and mother, same household, same factors involved in their upbringing and yet, extremely different. I guess feeling that way subconsciously makes the decision for me to showcase that diversity.  

What is a motto that you live by? 

I have many mottos that guide my life. The one I’m living by as I answer this is “Try”. I’ve done something incredible in the past 24hrs and I’ve shocked myself as I never knew it was within me to do it.

What advice would you give to young POC who are trying to find their way as artists? 

My advice would be that while it is important that they understand who they are and what they represent as a people of colour, they should not limit themselves by that. Get in every room, work with everyone, pick up unfamiliar instruments and talk to diverse people. I mean even diverse in ability. Talk to someone with Asperger’s, a blind person, a little person, relate with someone different from you. You’ll be amazed how much beauty there is in the world to inspire artistry.  
If you could live in any fictional universe which would it be? 

That’s a hard one, it’s between Wakanda and Asgard.

What’s at the top on your bucket list?

Sky diving but I need my partner in life to give me a permission slip. As of now, I’m not allowed.

What’s up next for Adekunle?

Stay tuned. You won’t miss it.

Check out Adekunle Gold's "Kelegbe Megbe (Know Your Level)" below!

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