Basking In Orion Sun

We travel to the moon and the stars with Orion Sun as she releases her debut album 'Hold Space For Me' into the world today.

Selected by Izzy Camina

Our latest new obsession, Izzy Camina, curates a 10Trax playlist of songs that helped her on her journey of creating her latest EP 'Nihilist In The Club'.

“Choice” by Ayelle and Rationale

What better way to start off your Friday than listening to this infectious new track, 'Choice', from Ayelle and produced by Rationale.

Welcoming Molly Payton

New Zealander Molly Payton moved to London at the age of 16 to pursue her dreams and those dreams sound like pure heaven.

“Holy Water” by Abby Sage

Rising star Abby Sage steps firmly into her own spotlight and cleanses us with her stunning debut single 'Holy Water'.

Sailing Down The Jack River

We sail gently down the stream of Jack River, a creative polymath in the truest sense that creates acid folk for you to dream to.

Selected by Everyone You Know

Our favourite brother duo, Everyone You Know, curate a much-needed banging playlist of the 10Trax they are spinning in self-isolation after the release of their latest single.

Selected by Gia Woods

Rising pop-princess Gia Woods takes us down memory lane with a curated playlist of tracks that have stayed with her since the early days...

Nick Hakim Will Make This Good

As the musical polymath gears up to release more work, we sit down to chat dreams, the subconscious and what makes someone good with Nick Hakim.