adidas introduces you to Mylo; their lab-grown mushroom material used to create the future world of sneakers.

The brand with the three stripes is set to release a new version of the classic Stan Smith, but not quite as we know it. Teaming up with Bolt Threads, this iteration is partly made from Mycelliumis; named Mylo, this new material has the same look and feeling as leather but is crafted from the underground root structure of the fungi. Not only is it similar in durability and finish compared to leather, but it can also take on any colour, finish or emboss, making it the perfect development for the iconic sport shoe silhouette.


Mylo’s main standout point is that it is made from entirely natural materials. It can regrow, be refabricated and eventually return to nature. Using a highly efficient and unique process where 100% of the material gets used with no waste, sneakers could be made without the use of plastic; a step towards ending the Earth’s current issue of severe plastic waste.


The Stan Smith Mylo will be the first ever shoe to feature the material, with adidas hoping to continue its development and involvement in future shoe design in the future. Mylo joins adidas’ drive towards the use of natural and sustainable materials. This process is already underway: this year, 50% of the polyester used by adidas was recycled, and by 2024, virgin polyester will be 100% eradicated, with the brand aiming to have achieved global climate neutrality by 2050.


The adidas Stan Smith Mylo is expected for a commercial roll out and increased scalability in 2022.


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