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19-year-old AMA is a new talent making waves across London with her alternative pop-infused R&B.

With just a couple of singles out in the world, AMA’s soulful, feel-good music is already putting her on the map as a name to watch.

Raised in West London, AMA’s natural talent propelled her towards music writing at the age of 9. While her classmates were listening to Usher and Katy Perry, AMA was immersing herself in the work of Corinne Bailey Rae, Feist and Lamar, inspiring her authentic, nostalgic sound. Her debut single came out in 2018, a bass infused ode to unrequited love produced by Courage and Spike Stent, who have worked with the likes of BlackButter and Frank Ocean.

Since then AMA has continued to push forward with each new single she releases. The latest single, “Real” sees Ama bring the full spectrum of her visceral songwriting talents to fruition within the moody and emotional track which is just a taste of her anticipated upcoming EP.

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How would you best describe Ama to someone who doesn’t yet know you?

I would like to think a fun, lighthearted person who makes excellent music haha.

What does music mean to you?

That’s a really tricky question, Music means so much to me for so many different things at so many different times, it’s like an extra parent who is taking care of you and you depend on them. Or a best friend who you can always speak to at any time and have the best time with. I’m constantly listening to music throughout the day, it’s a form of expression for me but also a source of comfort and joy.

What drew you to music as a form of art?

Well, I’ve always loved music and loved singing my whole life, so that passion just kept on growing as I’ve gotten older. My dad is also very musical so he always had instruments at his house and would teach me and my sister how to play them when we would go to his. My mum was also constantly playing music around the home so I’d say I’ve always kind of been immersed in music. When I was 15, my sister was the first person to encourage me to record a song to something she produced and since then I’ve just been on the road finding myself as an artist and exploring and growing.

What inspires you in life?

Love inspires me a lot, also wanting to make others feel good and happy. People inspire me a lot too, like how hard my sister works and where she is in life, how caring my mother is, how passionate people are about their craft or what somebody is fighting against, you can draw inspiration from anything really.

How do you add colour to your music?

Working with bright sounds I think, I love a good fun synth or a little arp, just keeping the sounds quite bright really.

How does London inspire you?

London is always changing and growing and never scared to express itself and I would like to think I apply that principle to my life. I think also being surrounded by so much but also writing a lot of my music in solitude is an amazing feeling, it’s like creating is a way to find clarity and to think clearly in the madness that is going around, but maybe I am waffling.

Why is art more important now than ever?

I don’t know if art is more important now than ever. I think art is constantly important but, today you have more of a voice than ever so I think more people have the chance to use their talents to speak on what they feel passionate about and it’s more accessible than it could have ever been, for it to reach people and resonate with them.

How would you best describe performing on stage?

Performing is like directly sharing what’s in your heart others and sharing that feeling together to me I would describe the feeling of performing as just a rush, you’re fully there in that moment and just focusing on the now and putting your energy into that moment. Afterwards, I don’t remember too much haha.

How would you like to be remembered as an artist?

As somebody who shared a lot of joy and love. In my future music, I also want to help combat issues with self-acceptance and loving yourself because that is something I am very passionate about and I think is also a key to living life freely.


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