For Amazon Music Breakthrough UK: Artists to Watch 2024, in collaboration with Notion, Jazzy reflects on everything from her rider and pre-show rituals to dream collaborations and biggest pinch-me moments.

Though she’d been involved with music for years, nothing could prepare Dublin-born Jazzy – real name Yasmine Byrne – for the success of her debut single. Serving high energy, ‘Giving Me’ went to Number 1 in Ireland (making her the first Irish woman in 14 years to do so) and Number 3 in the UK.

Channeling a love of 90s dance into her own sound packed with soaring melodies, euphoric moments and feel-good vibes, Jazzy’s making songs to soundtrack your best nights and kickstart your slowest of mornings. Having fallen in love with dance music and club culture when she turned 18, it’s a scene she’s been obsessed with ever since — and, in her local city and beyond, is now spearheading.
As she enters a new era of consolidating last year’s success, we quizzed Jazzy on everything from her rider and pre-show rituals to dream collaborations and biggest pinch-me moments.

Where does your name come from? 

I was in a hip-hop group back home in Ireland, called Powerful Creative Minds. There was me and two other guys. My name is Yasmin, it’s not actually Jazzy. Basically, after a little while of being in the band, they started calling me ‘Jazzy Yas’, and it was a reference to how I sound when I sing. A few of them started calling me it, then the whole of our friendship group did. It just stuck. I like it, so I said I’m going to keep it for my artist’s name. Jazzy because it’s a spin-off of my whole name, and a reference to how I sound when I sing. 

Where were you born? 

I was born in Dublin, Ireland. 

What’s your star sign? 

My star sign is Virgo. I always ask people what their star signs is. I like astrology. 

How do you want your music to make people feel? 

I want people to feel happy when they hear my music. I want them to feel like they want to go out tonight and dance. All of those good vibes. 

Would you rather stay in or go out for the night?

I’m definitely an out-out girly, but as of late I guess my job is out-out, so it’s trying to find that balance of not being at work and being out-out. 

What’s your main source of inspiration? 

My main source of inspiration would be dance music in general. I didn’t go to a nightclub until I was 18, I was a very good child. When I did eventually go, I just fell in love with it. I’ll never forget my first time going to see a DJ play, it was Amine Edge & DANCE. I was like ‘What is this?!’. After I saw them, I just dove in and loved it. I love Robin S. and a lot of ‘90s stuff is a big inspiration for me. Even DnB is only starting to come to Ireland now, I love it. I’ve gotten really into it since I’ve started coming to London. What inspires me the most to do what I do is my love for music. I’ve done it from such a young age. I started off on violin: the school I went to had an amazing programme where all the kids got to learn string instruments with no expenses. So I did all my grades and went back to teach where I learned. 

Do you have a pre-show ritual? 

My pre-show ritual would be to have one or two drinks to calm myself down before the show. I always get a bit buzzy.

What’s on your rider? 

My rider is very simple. Everybody tells me I’m super easy. It’s a bottle of vodka, two different types of mixers and some fruit. That’s it. 

Which artist, past or present, would you choose for a collaboration? 

I would like to collaborate with Peggy Gou. I absolutely love her, she’s big vibes.

What’s been your biggest highlight in your career so far?

There’s been a few big highlights for me. ‘Giving Me’ went to Number 1 in Ireland and Number 3 in the UK, which is amazing. I was also the first woman in Ireland to go Number 1 in the charts for 14 years. So a lot of pinch-me moments there. 

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound now as a new ’90s vibe with an urban twist. 

What’s your favourite part of your creative process when making a track?

I’m a big melodies person, so that would be my favourite part of the process. That’s what I focus on when I go to the studio. I have to get my melody’s down first and work around whatever I can create. 

Do you have a message for your fans? What can they expect from you? 

Don’t overthink anything. If there’s something that you want to do, just go and do it. In my situation I could have never thought that all of this would happen to me. I was working in Tesco a little bit over a year ago, so if there’s something that you want to go and do, just go and do it. 

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