LA-based electronic duo, O Future, share the weird and wonderful music video for their recent track "And You're Mine".

O Future are the pair mixing electronic musical practices with symphony orchestras. Comprised of Katherine Mills Rymer, originally from South Africa, and Jens Bjornkjaer from Denmark, the duo previously released two albums under the moniker OOFJ, before becoming O Future.


From sold-out shows around LA to reaching number 1 and 2 on the Hypemachine chart with their singles “Smell You” and “Telephone” in 2019, they have also collaborated with the artist Ai Weiwei and The Concert Master of the Royal Danish Opera worked. They also make film scores, so safe to say, these are two very musically talented people.


O Future’s latest release, “And You’re Mine” features stunning violin symphonies, ethereal vocals from Rymer and introspective synth work.

The music video might best be described as a voyeuristic expedition into someone else’s acid trip. Give it a watch below and you’ll see what we mean.


O Future’s ‘Immaculate’ EP is set for release on 18th February.


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