Experimental art collective O Future unveils their new ‘Maculate’ EP.

Where classical orchestral, electronics, and spiritual sensibilities meet, O Future is the joint effort of South African artist Katherine Mills Rymer and Danish musician Jens Bjornkjaer. The pair have let three full-length albums out into the open since 2013 and have enviable accolades to their futuristic name.


Now residing in Los Angeles, O Future has previously scored for The Royal Danish Theatre, the films of Lars von Trier and Ai Weiwei’s Vivos which was showcased at Sundance in 2020. Recently, they wrote the music for the documentary 7 Years of Lukas Graham, teamed up with Leon Bridges on the Space Jam 2 soundtrack, and worked with Danish director Martin de Thurah. For the anniversary vinyl album of Allen Ginsberg’s 1971 book The Fall of America, O Future will feature alongside Patti Smith and Thurston Moore.


O Future’s latest is the ethereal sibling of their prior EP ‘Immaculate’, on which appears a Chris Isaak “Wicked Game” cover and elusive singles “Bruise” and “Feel Me Slow”.


The duo has said: “’Maculate’ is the other half and opposite of our EP Immaculate released in February of 2020. Based (with a cheeky grin) on Taoist yin and yan ideas of balance, we wanted to indulge our terror and obsession with binaries, so we could dissolve and merge them into two works. Even though maculate means ‘spotted or stained’ or ‘impure,’ these ideas are not at once, all so terrible. Nothing happened without the breaking of the eggs, and nothing pure (immaculate) is ever really pure. One could argue that there is horror to this, the unending smoothness or you know, Dorian Grey. On this EP, we wrote songs about over thinking, hyper fantasy, saliva, macro closeups, embarrassed eye movements, micro touch and dark rainy rooms. It’s a close up super 8 camera, tracing up the lovers thigh. We made it thinking of wet trees, Excalibur metal and human dirty.”

Listen to 'Maculate' below:


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