Immerse yourself in Lynda Dawn's feel-good 70s psychedelic universe with the soul queen's groovy new track "Any Way You Want".

London’s own Lynda Dawn perfectly encapsulates everything wonderful about old and new. The producer, singer and songwriter is the perfect combination of our lust of nostalgia whilst representing the culture we are striving towards.


If you’re new to Lynda, the best way to describe the music she crafts is simply by the warmth that her enticing honeysuckle vocals evoke, and the spectrum between soul, funk and jazz she effortlessly wavers to and from. In 2018, Lynda caught the attention of none other than Gilles Peterson and was featured on the ‘Brownswood Bubblers Thirteen Compilation’ which proved to be a match made in funk heaven.


Dawn’s EP ‘At First Light‘ took off into the stars as the much-anticipated EP landed on the number one spot on Jamz Supernova’s respected Top 5 EP’s in The World on BBC’s Radio 1Xtra. The 6th track off of the shimmering EP, ‘Any Way You Want’, is a soulful and uplifting vibe track that originated with Lynda’s upbringing. Citing her memories of hearing records crackle in her childhood home and hearing the gospel choir praise in the church she attended, it’s clear Dawn is a product of the uplifting world she has always been immersed in.


The video for ‘Any Way Is Want’ is everything you’d expect and more. A homage to the golden era of 70s glamour and glitz, Lynda Dawn pays tribute to the queens who have come before her – Diana Ross and Chaka Khan to name a few. With the Lo-Fi production and 70s silhouette staples, we simply can’t get enough of this tune.


Start your morning off right and prepare to feel all the good things with Lynda Dawn’s ‘Any Way You Want’ below!