Nigerian multi-hyphenate creative Oxlade shares his tips on how to stay safe, inspired and positive in isolation as he welcomes us into his everyday life at home.

Oxlade has been causing waves from Africa to international waters with his idiosyncratic and infectious brand of Afro-fusion that has resulted in this tastemaker leading the way into a greater future for the inspiring and cultural impact of Afro-fusion.


The Lagos-based artist is fully stepping into his own spotlight with the release of his shimmering and electric debut EP ‘Oxygene’. It’s hard to believe that this project is Oxlade’s debut EP as his intricate and expansive soundscape puts him beyond his years whilst his enigmatic and affirming lyricism is the perfect concoction of old and new.


With the world pressing pause on nearly everything, it’s been a tumultuous time to balance the life and productivity we knew before with creative energies that need to be expressed in a life in lockdown. It’s no different for Oxlade, however, we got the man himself to let us peek behind the curtain into his daily life in lockdown and share some tips on how he is staying inspired, creative and reflective on life itself. In hopes that you yourself can find some inspiration from his advice, dive into home life with Oxlade below!


“Hey guys, so I know we are staying home and keeping safe during this period of a global pandemic,” Oxlade begins about the current unprecedented times, “but, I would like to share a few things that have been keeping me occupied and inspired. It really is just about things I love to do and things that interest and motivate me. My life is a bit of an easy one in the sense that I only love to do what makes me happy.”

Tip Number 1:


Food is always a special part of my day. I’ve always had a big love for food and like to taste new delicacies from all over the world. It really doesn’t have to be something I know, it could be a new dish I just come across and I have to try it. I love cooking but don’t always find the time so I’ve been doing a lot of that during this period.  Grilling on the barbecue is one of my favourites. It’s something I do to keep my mind active and it’s kind of like making music. You have to really be interested and invested in the process from start to finish for it to come out great.

Tip Number 2:


I love dogs and I find them comforting and entertaining. One of my dogs died a few months ago and his death really shook me, but I do have others and they’ve been able to keep me company during lockdown. I believe a dog can tell when you’re sad and when you’re happy but my dogs make me happy all the time.


Tip number 3:


I definitely make it a habit to always write a new song every day. Sometimes the inspiration isn’t there and other times it just comes in like a flood, but the beautiful thing is I always seem to end up writing great songs. Music is a wonderful part of me and my life and I definitely don’t plan to stop making music anytime soon, so I just get up, shower and head to the studio and make great music.

Tip number 4:


I come from a religious home, so I always ensure I pray and I read my Bible. It’s an important part of my life and I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without God and prayers, so yeah I never forget to pray always!


Most of all just try to make yourself happy by doing the things you truly love and enjoy. I’m also learning to try new things like learning new languages, listening to different genres of music I don’t usually get an opportunity to and stuff like that. It’s fun trust me!

Dive into Oxlade's 'Oxygene' EP below!