We catch up with 20-year-old Alabama rapper Flo Milli after the release of her latest anthem 'Like That Bitch'.

Flo Milli first broke onto the scene in 2019 with her track “Beef FloMix” which landed on the Spotify US Viral 50, peaking at #2. After an incredible introduction, it looks like Flo Milli is here to stay for good with her infectious flow and self-love anthems.


With being a TikTok sensation already under her belt, Flo is planning her next move as she climbs to greater heights with the release of her debut EP, Ho, Why Is You Here? due next month in July.


On the release of the EP, Flo explains: “This project is introducing a revamped newer me. A newer version of myself that I’m still discovering. This phase of me comes with an ego and an attitude. This is setting the tone for what I have to come in the future, I want everyone to feel the energy I’m coming with.”


Constantly working on her craft – Flo Milli is a complete package as her flows, bars and musical capabilities just keep getting stronger for this 20-year-old. With each track having a powerful self-love message woven into the DNA of the tracks, you can’t help but feel yourself to Flo.


We catch up with the soon-to-be superstar below to get you in the know.

Hi Flo Milli, how have you been doing spiritually and mentally during lockdown?

I’ve been doing great! I’ve been meditating quite a bit and recite positive affirmations to myself daily. I try to make sure I stay consistent with this.

Have you discovered any tips on staying creative and positive throughout all of this?

I discovered to stay focused and don’t let life changes in personal life or around you distract you from your goals.

Has your creative process changed at all?

I’m more comfortable in the studio a lot more than I used to be so I’ve progressed a lot with the recording process.

What is your favourite subject to write about currently?

How much of a bad b**** I am. I love to empower myself- so rapping about my confidence is what I love.

What is the main message you wanted to get across within your music?

The main message I would want to get across is to have everyone know never to try me. I’m confident in my music and in real life – and you should be too.

What is something you want to tell your fans?

Be confident and be yourself – never let anyone make you feel otherwise.

What is your star sign? Do you think you’re like your star sign?

Capricorn. I think I’m one of a kind – I do read my horoscope daily.

What would the name of your autobiography be?

Highest Most Exalted One (256).

What are you most looking forward to right now?

Performing shows! Can’t wait to give a live experience to my fans.  A lot of the shows and festivals I was going to perform on this year have been postponed due to COVID, but I can’t wait to get back out there and perform my new music.


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