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Performing a one-off gig to bring like-minded people together this January, Henry Moodie delivered an emotional show in partnership with Notion and Azar.

Partnering with Notion, this month Azar answered our call to end the January blues. Aimed at bringing like-minded students and young people together, as part of the platform’s wider initiative to combat loneliness, the app hosted a one-off gig with viral singer-songwriter Henry Moodie that did just that.


Held at Birmingham’s Castle & Falcon, the show attracted an audience in their hundreds, but when they sang Henry’s lyrics back to him, they could have been in their thousands. With queues forming from the morning despite the cold, friends were made in the queue and the energy in the room was palpable as they waited for the artist to take to the stage. Rising artist Lottie Jade calmed nerves as the night’s support act, delivering a moving half-hour set showcasing her hair-raising vocals and powerful stage presence. Explaining the meaning of each track between songs, she echoed Henry’s own skills for storytelling in his music – something that’s brought so many of his fans together.

Delivering a cathartic performance himself, experiencing Henry telling these stories in real life cemented that connection between the artist and his fans. Though everyone was very much in the present – refreshingly making new connections beyond their screens – the crowd made memories to last a lifetime and new mates to share more experiences with through music.


“This show was amazing! It was in such a cute venue – Castle & Falcon. It also was my first gig of 2024 so I was super nervous before going on stage, but the crowd were so lovely, so the nerves went away halfway through the first song,” Henry says of the night. “January can be a really lonely time for a lot of people, so the fact that there’s an app that brings people together during this time is so amazing.”


Check out what went down below and catch up with Henry Moodie in our full interview with the artist here.

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