Putting her spin on Valentine’s Day, R&B wunderkind, Lottie Jade, drops the perfect heartbreak anthem, ‘Oh Well’.

Have you ever heard of an artist who recorded and delivered their track in a single take? If not, now you have. Meet Lottie Jade: a beacon of light in the R&B scene, whose authenticity pulses through every lyric she pens and every note she sings. Igniting soundscapes with her delicate vocals that enrapture hearts and pique ears, it’s perhaps her latest single that truly takes her ever-growing artistry to greater realms.


Titled ‘Oh Well’, the track exudes candid vulnerability as it unveils a tale of a troubled relationship. Baring her soul, Lottie’s lyrics read as an internal monologue as she recounts a breakup conversation she had with a previous flame. As the strings of the acoustic guitar are tenderly plucked, deep drums and soothing bass sweep in, as Lottie unfolds the question, “Do you love her?”: a question that establishes the narrative for the track in its entirety.

As ‘Oh Well’ serves a much-needed cathartic moment for the rising talent, Lottie’s determination to get it ready for the world to see engulfed the endless pursuit of perfection. How do you get such raw emotion seamlessly woven into a track? For Lottie, recording it in one take and openly confronting her feelings was the only way to evoke such emotion, and we can only sit back and admire her unwavering commitment to do so.


Speaking about the track, Lottie says: “As much as the sage burning provided me a cathartic moment, nothing gave me a better feeling than writing and delivering this song. It was very important to me when recording it that I didn’t get lost in the quest for perfection of doing multiple takes, but rather, capturing the emotions of this song. I just needed to get the song out and I needed the emotions of what I’d felt to be present in that first and only take.”

Listen to 'Oh Well' now:

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