Mathilda Homer makes us fall at her feet with her piercingly poignant voice in her new single ‘Baby Blue Eyes’.

Meet Mathilda Homer, a singer-songwriter who resides in London, and is slowly climbing up the ranks. Since the release of her last EP ‘Sunny Like You’, Mathilda has been touring alongside the likes of Oscar Jerome and Ady Suleiman, and as a result has attracted a large number of listeners. With songs like ‘Are You Mine?’ and ‘Ready When You Are’, bluntly vulnerable pieces accompanied with a calm, acoustic-like arrangement, it’s no wonder why ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ is no exception to this Mathilda’s magic equation.


Oozing from Mathilde’s voice with soulful ease, are lyrics filled with hope yet uncertainty, as she questions herself in a mantra-like manner, “is it all in my mind?”. The visuals coupled with the track are simple yet powerful; Mathilde fluctuates between being in and out of control, creating conflict and an almost naive doubtfulness which the single explores.


Gaze into Mathilda Homer’s ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ down below.

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