Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"The Flood" by Jordan Rakei

The Australian artist Jordan Rakei has just dropped his latest psychology-slanted album 'What We Call Life', inspired by his experience of therapy. "The Flood" is a sonically dispersed, jazz-infused finish to the album.

"If You Were on Fire" by Mathilda Homer

Despite Mathilda Homer's relatively recent landing on the music circuit, her sound has a classic, timeless feel. Homer will headline London's Lafayette on 5 November. On her freshest single, she has said: “I had my coat on ready to leave and then asked Matt and Danny [The Six] if they’d ever heard ‘bloody mother fucking asshole’. It was around the time that people were storming the White House, and I felt a heavyweight of all of the injustices that were going on in the world.”

"High & Choking, Pt. 1" by Ouri

One of the most exciting experimental singer-songwriters around, Ouri here reaches new levels with transcendent vocals, steady electro-beats, and traces of trip-hop.

"Pilot" by Lucy Blue

Dublin-based artist Lucy Blue has glided seamlessly onto the scene this year - "Pilot" is her follow-up to her 'Fishbowl' EP, a single so chillingly poignant it will give you shivers.

"Not My Child" by Sam Ezeh

Soul singer Sam Ezeh returns with a hybridized track which packs plenty of surprises: Ezeh's trademark blissful vocals blend with an unexpected bass.

"Thrive" by Bellatrix

Former beat-boxing champion Bellatrix has launched their amorphic EP 'I Was An Aphid', with "Thrive" a new addition. This track strays from Bellatrix's recent intense glitch-pop sound and opts for a softer funk-infused feel.

"Blue Sunshine" by JONES

JONES brings lush mellow vocals to the table, served up with pared-back breezy instrumentals.

"Microwave Song" by Pushpin

Kaleidoscopic electro-pop and frenzied alt-rock meet in "Microwave Song", the latest from indie 4-piece Pushpin - a band who have been garnering radio acclaim and will plant themselves on your radar.

"The Fire" by Tertia May

Since her arrival in 2018, Tertia May has owned the stage at the one-and-only Jazz Cafe, while her Colors session tallied over 1 million views. Entrancing and self-assured, "The Fire" is a single to slip into.

"there for you" by Sfven

Sfven, aka Jamie Clarke, is an eco-inspired bedroom-popper to watch out for. "there for you" shapeshifts between delicate acoustics, echoing instrumentals, and thunderous electronics.

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